Microsoft Dynamics NAV is sold through certified partners. This has made this software accessible to companies that are interested in streamlining the different functions of business management. The seller will train you on how you can customize this ERP solution to meet your company needs:

Licensing Options of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

You can license Microsoft Dynamics NAV in four different ways.

Starter Pack

The Starter Pack has core functionalities within the finance and distribution chain. When you get the Starter Pack, you will be able to have control of your finances, adequately manage the sale of your products, and monitor the progress of your business. It is, however, important to note that the licenses of Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server, and Microsoft SQL Server are not included in this kit. If you need the support of these additional software solutions, you will need to license them separately.

Extended Pack

As the name suggests, this license option gives you more functionalities than what you get in the Starter Pack. This feature allows you to integrate the financial and distribution features with components that are specific to your industry. The additional features include production, warehousing, basic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Professional Services. These features will guide you to better manage your business, from the production of goods to the quality of service offered to clients.

If you already have a Starter Pack, all you need to do is license the Extended Pack. The system is already preconditioned to accept the purchase of the Extended Pack. The current and future users of your system will automatically have access to the features available in the Extended Pack.

Full User

When you license as a “Full User”, you will have unlimited read and write access to all the functions of the ERP system.

Limited User

This license gives you unlimited reading rights. However, you will have limited write access. This is a cheaper option if you have users who only require limited privileges. This way, they can perform specific functions without accessing the entire system.

How Much Does Microsoft Dynamics NAV cost?

Before licensing Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you need to evaluate your company’s needs. The price of this ERP solution is determined by the functionalities you choose, the type of accessibility given to users, the support you require during implementation, and how you install it. For example, if you have more limited users, you will spend less than a company that has many full-time users.

How you choose to host this solution has the most considerable influence on how much you’ll pay. Do you prefer having it in the cloud, or do you want it on your company servers? If it is in the cloud, you will pay more because of the advantages you gain from using the cloud, including the security of data.

Updates of Microsoft Dynamics NAV are released frequently. Newer versions come with improvements linked to the management of documents, finances, business insights, user interface, cloud connectivity, and linkages with other Microsoft applications. Licensing the latest versions ensures your company benefits from solutions that were not included in the previous Microsoft Navision.

There is no surprise about how the business expansion in Singapore is escalating. Known for its up to the mark work ethics and hard workers, it is no shock that the business market in Singapore is blooming. The world is already aware of these things go when it comes to this dedicated nation. But what they do need to know is how these businesses are so steadfast and streamlined in their daily work flows. In other words, what’s making its business market tick? And this is where the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central comes in. Created by Microsoft, this tech savvy software first laid ground in the April of 2019:

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Dynamics 365 merges all your businesses into one simple platform and then automates and helps you make better decisions with the processes. It merges two independent systems of CRM and ERP helping the user create, manage and perform various day to day tasks in a super-fast but organized way. In the past before organizations equipped their businesses with such software’s, managing bulk load was not only hard but erroneous as well. Data retrieval almost always surpassed time because it simply took a lot of time. The diverse applications of a business such as finance, warehouse, customer relation etc. were independent systems which did not have any connectivity between them. But with the emergence of Dynamics 365 not only do they link together but adapt to the particular kind of business it is purchased for. Decision making is more intelligent with artificial intelligence.

The Power of a Cloud

The software is now available in cloud, which means all its features can be assessed over a network of servers. It therefore requires a high speed network. The portability feature allows the software to be accessed anywhere at any time, the only requirement is that of the internet. In the off chance where it isn’t available, then all the changes are automatically saved onto the interface and once a steady connection is maintained, they are uploaded. The privacy of data provided by the system is exceptional with closed encryption. This only allows that data that is safe to be viewed.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in Singapore

Singapore analyzes the various trends in the market with extreme scrutiny, which means that the revenue generation is exceptionally maintained. Dynamics 365 has definitely improved the profitability part of the business it has been installed in. the customer relationship has never been stronger. The software keeps a background check on every client and aims for their satisfaction. The inventory check is constant with replacement coming up with any shortage that may arise. Handlers are very happy with the friendly user interface, which makes the use of the software very easy even for beginners. Users can multi task many features of the software all at a single time. The information has never been more visible, with all processing going on right in front of the employee.

Medium to large businesses need to operate with a powerful and integral business software that can easily handle all the multi-tasking and bulk loads, so far Microsoft Dynamics 365 hasn’t let them down and promises a lot more.

Dynamic 365 Business Central by Microsoft is available in two different forms and plans, which have been designed as per the requirements of each business. Each has different features to offer to your businesses, for instance:

Dynamics 365 Business Central and Essentials: The application is in line with the Enterprise Resource Planning for businesses which offer services like:

  • Supply Chain Management
    • It includes basic receivables, sales order management, locations, basic warehousing, purchase order management and item transfer etc.
  • Project Management
    • It includes Time sheet, resources, jobs and estimates etc.
  • Human Resource Management
    • It includes expense management as well as employee’s management.
  • Financial Management
    • It includes audit trails, general ledger, budgets, workflows, bank management and deferrals.
  • Warehouse Management
    • It includes extended text, scheduled tasks, multiple language, Outlook integration and reporting.
  • Customer Relationship Management
    • It includes campaigns, contacts and opportunity management with the help of in-built business integration model of Dynamic 365 designed for Sales.

Dynamics 365 Business Central for Premium users: This model is best fit for smooth operations and working of services management and manufacturing departments, providing end to end single service. Its key features are:

  • Manufacturing: It includes demand forecasting, version management, capacity planning, production orders, basic supply planning, finite loading as well as machine centres.
  • Everything that is included in the Essential plus feature
  • Service Management: It includes service price management, service contract management, service orders, service item management, dispatching and planning.

Something about Business Dynamic Square

Dynamic square is widely available across the globe and readily available in Singapore. It is a preferred choice by Microsoft Business Dynamic and has partnered with number of companies in Singapore. The mechanism is able to improve the overall performance of the business processes. So the question comes, for businesses in Singapore, why Dynamic Square is so important these days, it is due to following reasons:

  • People working with dynamic square are equipped with latest and advanced technology, which helps businesses to grow and help them in becoming a part of business success.
  • The knowledge pattern of staff is strategic driven and result oriented. They are experts who have vast knowledge of their subject areas and provide business solutions to meet customized needs to every business.

CRM Platforms Vs ERP Solutions: Choosing the right one for your Businesses

There are two available options from Microsoft Dynamics to choose from. It solely depends upon customized requirements of the businesses as which model to select.

  • Choose CRM, if you are customer oriented
    • Today, businesses are running too fast and people want quick responses to their queries and issues. With the help of 365 Microsoft Dynamics, companies can differentiate their brands and provide personalized solutions to the underlying problems.
  • Choose CRM, if your business is Sales Oriented
    • To better understand needs of the client and engage effectively, get CRM for enhancing sales.
  • Choose CRM for getting Field Services
    • If you intend to automate your sales force, get hold of intelligence sales service system, which can highlight problems and find solutions before they arise.
  • Choose ERP if you need better finances and operations
    • If your company intends to empower people and help them in decision making, ERP is one of the available options. It not only helps in enhancing business growth; it also helps in catering to the changing demands of the businesses.

Thinking about making an app that will satisfy the needs of your customers and potentially scale your business, then you are likely going to be obsessed with things like coding, crafting a solid app strategy, brainstorming ways to make it user-friendly, just to name a few. No doubts, these things are important, as they can affect the performance of the app. But it is also a good idea to think about the platform if you are going to make it.

As the boss, you can opt for any app platform program you see fit. However, you need to keep in mind that if you choose the wrong platform, you may not be able to achieve your goal. This makes it critical for entrepreneurs to do in-depth research before making a final decision. Presently, there are special platforms that allow users to make apps that are compatible with any mobile device, whether it is android, IOS, web, you name it.

The following article by Saroj Kumer unveils the top cross-platform mobile app development tools

Top 10 Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools

Considering coding your idea to success? Well, everyone wants it, but few only truly succeed. While there could be a sea of factors that hold the key to success of an app strategy, a significant one that rarely gets the attention of entrepreneurs today Read more here.

You likely now know some ten cross-platform mobile app development tools that you can use to bring your ideas to life. That said, if you haven’t used them before, it may be difficult for you to get the most out of them. If this is true in your case, then you should consider learning as much as you can about how they work.

The following article by Appsee is basically a how-to guide to using cross-development platforms.

Getting Started with Cross-Platform App Development in 2019

Remember Adobe Flash? It was the ultimate cross-platform development tool. Flash ran on any web browser or operating system — it could even run on early versions of Android. And then came HTML5, that did many of the things Flash could doRead more here.  

You surely now know a lot about cross-platform app development tool. You also now know a handful of the best cross-app development platforms, and their pros and cons. Truth be told, these tools are great and they have jaw-dropping features. Before making a final decision, there are a few things you must consider.

The following article by Margaret Rouse shed light on some important things you should give thoughts to when choosing an app development platform.

 Mobile application development platform (MADP)

A business can either build its own mobile application development platform or buy one of the many third-party products available on the market. The MADPs that third-party vendors sell typically include features such as mobile backend as Read more here.

You definitely now know what to look for in an app development platform and how to determine if an app development platform will be good for you. Keep in mind that you don’t need to use the most expensive platform to put together a premium quality app for your business, a standard one with a user-friendly interface will do.

Final note

 Mobile apps are no longer a luxury that only high-end company use to improve customer relationship and scale their business.

Today, anyone can make a top-notch app without spending a lot of money or coding for endless hours. This is possible with the help of cross-platform mobile app development tool.

With a good cross-platform app development tool, you will be able to make an app for your business, or for a client, that will work in any mobile or web platform within a couple of minutes. If you aren’t leveraging these platforms right now, you are missing out.

Gone are the days when only big businesses use customized mobile apps to make increased productivity and boost sales. Today mobile apps can be used by businesses in any industry to lessen the workload of employees, make it easier for customers to make a purchase, streamline business processes, and so on.

As a business owner, if you aren’t using an IOS, Android, or a web application, it will be difficult or impossible for you to get to the top, and dominate your industry. In this digital age, customers are looking for the easiest ways to get the goods and services they want. They often use their mobile phones to visit online stores and make a purchase. If you have a specialized app that can make their shopping easier, they are likely going to become loyal customers and spread the word about your brand to others.

Finding a good app development software that can make an effective app which will take your business to the next level can be difficult because there are so many of them out there. To make an educated decision and ultimately narrow down a good one, you have to do some research, and choose among the best mobile app development software on the market right now.

The following article by Brian Turner unveils some of the best app development software in 2019.

Best mobile app development software of 2019

Apps mean business. While they may have been traditionally associated with general productivity and information retrieval, mobile apps are now an essential part for almost every part of modern business. Read more here.

You likely now know some of the best app development software on the market right now. However, if you aren’t tech savvy, or you know little or nothing about apps and how they are made, it will be difficult for you to get the most out of any app development software. Well, if that is the case, then you should learn as much as you can about them before investing in anyone

The following article by Jenny Chang contains everything you need to know about app development software.

Find out more about Application Development Software

Application development software is a solution that enables you to create your own software applications without coding skills. These solutions help you to easily create websites, database systems, mobile apps, and more. Read more here.

You surely now know what app development software is all about, some strategic ways to use them, the various types out there, and many more. At the end of the day, you are likely going to be met with the challenge of choosing between two or three app development software. To make an informed decision, that you will not regret in the near future, you have to compare them to see what set them apart. 

The following article by Mona Bushnell is basically a comparison between the best app development solutions.

The Best App Maker & Development Solution Comparisons

Customers want to interact with businesses, including small businesses, through convenient mobile apps, but most SMB don’t have in-house app developers on the payroll. Luckily, there are lots of affordable app creation software services targeted towards small and medium-sized businesses. Read more here.  

You definitely now have a clear picture of the best app development solutions on the market right now, how they work, how much they cost, and about their pros and cons. As the boss, you have the freedom to pick anyone you want. That said, you need to keep in mind that if you pick the wrong one, you won’t get the results you so badly desire. So, before making a decision, be sure to do some research to determine if the one you are opting for will be good for your business. 

Final note

A mobile app is an integral part of any business, and for good reasons. With a good mobile app, you will be able to do everything from retrieving information to boosting sales, and overall productivity.

Every day, technology continues to develop, with machine learning options that can provide an excellent communication path into the services you render.

The bottom line is that mobile apps are great and can take basically any business to the next level. So, if you aren’t using one, your business is likely going to struggle. 

There are many CRM apps available for small businesses which are free to use. Thus, it is advisable to check for available free options and after determining which option is best for your business, one can go for the registered version of that app.

If you are an owner of a small business in Singapore and wondering which CRM app to use, here are some with a focus on increasing sales: If your aim is to increase sales, then you can consider the following apps:

  • Smartsheet Sales App: If your business is small and all your clients can be managed with the help of spreadsheet, then a smartsheet app can work for you. It is collaborative as well as interactive. It also has Gantt charts as one of its features so presentation and sales patterns can be studied.
  • Sugar CRM App: It is considered an open source app, which has been created to allow maximum customization and adaptation. It also comes with a community edition feature.

There are some other apps with a focus on collaboration. Some available options are:

  • Kickapps: An app that works in collaboration with social media and CRM. They are graph engines for social media. It identifies the online personality of any person and his/her relationship with other people and contacts. With the help of acquired data, sales and marketing functions will work. With the help of this app, websites as well as community pages can be built.
  • Rapportive: This app is best suited for google and gmail users. When an inbox is opened on Gmail, the right panel shows all information pertaining to the person while reading his/her messages. Having Rapportive links shown from other sites like Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter are also possible. The other sites allow the user to have complete detail of with whom he/she is talking.


Modern business dimensions are changing, the adoption of CRM apps gives businesses an edge in the changing ecosystem. With good CRM practices in place, it is possible to keep links and contacts between different partners, fans, consumers, members and donors for both internal as well as external parties and other marketing related processes.

Once you’ve decided that your business in Singapore needs CCTV surveillance and the iris recognition system , you need to consider certain points to ensure you are able to effectively use them. Though the costs have significantly gone down, they still pinch the pocket so putting them up with the latest technology may turn out to be counterproductive. They may not only cost you a lot of money, a lot of the features may not get used leading to unnecessary occupation of your space. Besides if they are not placed in the right spots they may not serve the purpose. Make sure you speak to your CCTV and video analytics solutions provider and take their advice.

For a start, ATT Systems Iris Recognition System provides one of the most comprehensive security options which you can count upon. Visit their site here today.

Main points to consider:

1. Why do you want them?

This is the obvious first question which will help you choose the right CCTV and software. Is it just to keep an eye or to note the minute details of all those who come and go and details of vehicles that enter and exit your area? You could also use it to count the footfall, the gender of the people, etc. Whatever your purpose the video analytics software can be used to serve it.

2. Where do you want the cameras to be?

Based on the above point, you would think about where you want to place them. Are they mostly to be placed indoors or outdoors? Whether indoors or outdoors what are they supposed to capture? This will determine the number of cameras that need to be installed.

3. What kind do you want them to be?

Is there adequate lighting in the area where you want the cameras or do you need superior quality CCTV in certain areas to capture events despite less lighting? This will help to identify your cost and you may not require same type of cameras in all locations. If you prefer your CCTV in certain areas at least, have audio recording facilities that could be arranged too. There are CCTVs which are just for live viewing and some can be recorded for post event viewing. The latter will take up adequate storage space so think carefully on the location and the purpose it is to serve before choosing the type.

These points will help you identify what software you may require, and how many CCTVs you’d need each location. You can have a mix of services depending on the amount of security you need. Your CCTV and video analytics solutions provider in Singapore will be able to guide you the best and therefore and ensure you choose a provider carefully.

Schools are expected to be a safe environment for children to learn and grow. Therefore, school management should be extremely cautious when it comes to managing visitors to the premises. The standard practice is to only allow visitors on the school premises who have a valid purpose for being there. Their presence should not pose any danger to the children or else, the school can be held liable for carelessly admitting individuals onto the school premise.

Intelligent visitor management systems for schools can help school authorities efficiently manage visitors and ensure that both the staff and students are protected at all times. ATT Systems Visitor Management System is one good example.

However, with several school security solutions available in the market, it is important to ask yourself the following questions to narrow down your options and decide on the best system for your school.

What information is needed for visitors to the school?
The type of information required to be collected by the school varies accordingly. The visitor management system should collect all the relevant information about visitors and hold this data securely in accordance with the law. Having a system that does not comply legally may potentially expose the school to further liability. Furthermore, visitor information can be cross-checked against criminal offence databases, adding an extra layer of security. Also, having a more elaborate system is necessary given the number of visitors you can expect in a given time period.

Can the staff use the system?
It is worthwhile to consider if existing staff members can operate and run the system independently. Choose a system that will offer customized services based on the needs of the school. If the school’s IT department can help maintain the system, that will also be an advantage.

How much will it cost?
Schools run on predetermined budgets that can be inflexible for a given academic year. Planning and budgeting for a system that will help meet all the legal and security needs are important. Considering a different visitor strategy for regular visitors to the school like the part-time staff will help keep costs in check. Using technology like smartcards might be more expensive initially, but it tends to pay off in the long-term.
Visitor management system can help provide organized and secure visitor management solutions.

Are you running a business of your own? If so, you should take all the essential initiatives and steps to make sure that your business is well-secured, There are no dearth of risks ranging from sophisticated and intelligent hackers to petty thieves. Hence, it is imperative for you to ensure that you have deployed an effective and comprehensive intelligent security system so that your business is on the right path to success without bothering about loss of assets.

However business security is not a simple issue as it is heavily dependent on the ability of the different components of the security system installed to communicate with one another. When a security system is not selected or deployed with due care, there are lot of scopes for error and failure to provide a full-proof security across various aspects of the business.

As the magnitude and frequency of threats have been increasing, it is extremely critical that your business is secure and safe so that you can be completely relaxed and concentrate on other important areas of your business.

Ways of selecting a good intelligent security system to keep your business safe

Assess your office space

The kind of space occupied by your business may have a drastic impact on the kind of security system that you should go for. For example, in case you have rented a space, you may need to deploy a security system, whose intervention with the building’s structures and walls are minimal. On the other hand, if you are running your business from an open space, you may require to install less cameras as opposed to running your business with several individual offices. You may have to also figure out all those areas, which may require additional and special access control like supply closets or a data center.

Business growth should also be taken into account

While evaluation of your existing office space is crucial, it is also important to keep the business goals in your mind while taking a final call on choosing a security system. When you have proper plans on significant business expansions or shift to some other location in the near future, it could have a big impact on the security solution you consider. While working closely with an independent service provider, it makes sense to ensure the you have the liberty to move, alter your plan, and add on so that it is in complete sync with your proposed business growth.

All possible culprits should be considered

Although it is unfortunate but the fact is that you may have to consider many people who may be possible threats for the security of your business. Check the area, which is the location of your business. Does it have a higher potential of entering and breaking? If that is the case, you may need to deploy additional entrance security. In case your business deals with a large volume of data, you may also consider to opt for cyber security. It may be also crucial to protect yourself from your staff.

Select appropriate and relevant features to complement your business

Business security is not an easy matter since there are a host of features to select from depending on what your business needs. Will you prefer the camera to be discrete or hidden or would you prefer to deploy cameras, which are able to monitor big spaces by moving around? Or it is also possible that you will require some extra sensors for flooding, Carbon monoxide and smoke. You may prefer to use an intelligent access control solution to monitor movement within your facility. Thus, it is imperative for you to figure out all those features, which you feel will ensure the safety of your business, The bottom line is to select a solution, which can meet all those identified needs.

To sum up, you need to consider several things while selecting the best intelligent security solution for your business. However, a sure shot technique to make sure that you have made the right decision is to partner with an experienced business security integrator.

‘Better safe than sorry’ – the old proverb goes. Despite this phrase being as old as time, it is most certainly relevant to this day. Access control systems provide peace of mind for those who are entrusted with sensitive information. As their job is to safeguard such information physical or virtually; which is prone to burglary and hacking. The use of access control systems poses many advantages for any level of security.

Investment in an access control system would prove to be very fruitful in due course of time. Access control has proven to be an asset to many individuals as well as companies. The advantages of access control are:-

1) In industries – control over the number of people who have access to hazardous parts of a facility help prevent accidents from occurring. Detection of misuse of hazardous elements can also help others from danger. Radioactive and inflammable products have to be used with utmost caution. When a person enters such a facility, his or her identification card provides their location in the facility. In the case of an evacuation due to exposure to radioactive substances, the person can be provided immediate medical assistance without endangering others.

2) Detection and prevention – attempts to gain access without authorization to restricted areas or infiltrate a premise or building can be detected by the access control system. The intrusion need not be someone from the outside always, sometimes employees and visitors may try to gain access to sensitive areas intentionally. There are scenarios of visitors losing their way in the facility. Facilities that deal with harmful gases or hazardous wastes would have a fixed number of people with access to such an area. For that reason, restricting the entry and exit of regular employees is important. Handling of such substances is done by wearing protective gear. Only those who have access to that area are provided with these gears.

3) Criminal activity – access control systems are crucial to investigate crimes. Arson, vandalism, burglary or even sexual harassment are such crimes that access control systems have helped punish the perpetrator by law . The recording of CCTV surveillance can be used in the Court of Law as evidence. It also curbs such crimes from happening as psychological intimidation causes the perpetrator to refrain from carrying out the crime due to the fear of getting caught.

RSPV now to see how these high-tech systems provide the security best suited for you. Caution is the parent of safety, so safety first.

All stores managers and owners have heard about a certain POS system that enables them to do automatically several challenging tasks. Many of them are already using some of these POS systems. However, not all of them can actually comprehend the attributes that this technology can really offer. Many shops and restaurants continue to use old fashioned methods that actually prevent many sales or increase in popularity. Learn why it is important to purchase this point of sale software and dont waste another minute in the old era of manual counting and service

and the self service kiosk that comes together with it creates convienience for their customers.

Stock Products

Any store that does not use a POS system finds it extremely difficult to check and count the amount of stock items in a warehouse. Worse, most managers in retails stores do not actually know what kind of products are stored there until is too late. This can lead to decreased sales, and in many cases poor service quality. Lets say, for example, a customer asks for a specific product that you dont have in the store. Without a POS system, you cannot know for sure if you actually have a stock of this product. What are the most common scenarios in such cases? The first is that you take too long to find out if you actually have the specific item. The customer leaves your store disappointed. The second scenario is that you say you dont have the item. The customer leaves disappointed, and you actually had this item all along. Prevent such cases with a reliable POS software.

Better Customer Service with Singapore POS System

Apart from knowing your stock supplies, a POS software can be used in restaurants and cafes as well. This way, the employees can keep track of the orders avoid making any mistakes. No more long queues and furious people waiting for their order. The best POS is here to make your business better and more efficient. News travel fast, thus dont miss the chance of being the very first restaurant that welcomes this new system in your area. Customers will leave your place satisfied and will recommend you to their friends, or even on their social media platforms. The best POS systems are always by your side, to help you improve your overall quality.

Track Your Work with Your Smartphone

You are doing everything over your phone, and then why not arrange your work as well? This POS System will enable you to keep track of your work, arrange any additional task and carry all of this important information everywhere you go. Be the most successful and organized manager by installing this software in your smartphone as well. Managing a retail store or restaurant and offering high-quality services have never been easier. Try out this new POS software in Singapore welcomes into your business and watch as your business enters new higher standards.

Running an F & B establishment efficiently is not easy especially when technology is a challenge. Konverge F&B POS in Singapore does a great job in enhancing customer experience, boosting the speed of service, improving efficiency which translates into more profits and reduction of operational challenges. There are plenty of benefits a user enjoys from this system.

Enhances Customer Experience

The customer will enjoy an enhanced experience with this system and the e-menu. When a customer makes an order, the request is sent to the kitchen display system instantly, and the billing is done at the same time. This saves the customer and the establishment time that is wasted as staff move from the customer to the kitchen and the cashier. The services are fast, there is great accuracy in capturing details, and there is no wastage of stock.

Konverge QSR POS

When operating a quick-service establishment, it is clear that everyone wants to be served fast. They do not have much time to wait around in long queues. The speed of service and quality foods are a big determinant in total sales. With the Konverge QSR POS software Singapore, the establishment owner is able to capture the speed of the service; gets real-time data, traces stock movement, enables proper management of multi-chain and single stores. It is a system that also allows both de-centralized and centralized purchase. With this, the customer experience is enhanced.

Build Loyalty with Konverge Cafe / Restaurant POS

With this system, an establishment can build better loyalty with customers. Item requisition, reservations, CRM, urgent requisitions and multi-tier promotions are made easy. Besides enhanced customer experience, operation efficiency is guaranteed.

Better Insight into the Productivity of Employees

Each establishment has staff issues they would like sorted. It could be integrity or productivity. This is the only way world-class professionalism and quality services can be achieved. The beauty of this POS software is that it helps the managers to identify and sort out such issues. At the end of the day, its quality services, efficiency, speed of service and productivity of the employees that matters.

Konverge Quick Serve Kiosk POS Guarantees Better Management

Petty cash and stock movement, as well as mobile ordering, become easy. One benefit of this system is how easy it is to configure it. It supports varieties of languages, and whether you are old or young, you will find it easy to use.

If you run a dine-in restaurant, a quick-service establishment or any kind of restaurant, you definitely need this POS system in Singapore . Every feature of the system works for the benefit of your business. From identifying staff issues to capturing the speed of the services offered, to better management and ease of use, this is what you need for your business. It will not only enhance the customer experience, but it will also improve on profits. Customer love getting quality food fast, they love great customer service and accuracy. This is what this system guarantees you.

When it comes to the Singapore POS system , there are so many options that are available on the market. This may make it quite confusing for someone to find the right software to use for their business. With this simple guide, you will learn some of the critical steps that will help you in getting a POS that works exceptionally for you.

Be Clear on Your Needs

The most important thing when it comes to the issue of POS is being able to establish your business needs. This will help you look at the specific functions and features that will serve your business effectively. Define the day to day routines that you would want to capture using your POS system.

Some of the common functions include inventory recording, sales records and customer management among others. With a clear definition of your business needs, you can easily get a POS that will serve these needs effectively.

Hardware and Accessories

Do not just go out blindly to shop for POS software in Singapore without finding out the type of hardware and other components needed. If you have an old POS, you may need to get new hardware so as to be able to use it. In most cases, the POS system can be installed on iPads, laptops, and PCs. You should make a list of all the hardware that you will need so that you can start using the system effectively.

Have a Budget Line

Before going out to buy any POS system, you should have a budget in mind. This will vary depending on a number of factors like the size of the business, products being sold, number of stores, number of employees and so much more. There are some versions of the POS system which are charged as low as $50 per month.

Compare Various POS Systems

As you may have realized, there are so many POS systems in Singapore and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is important to compare what different POS systems have to offer. You may ask around from other people who are in the same industry as your business. The internet is a rich hub of information, and you can do an online research on the best system to use for your business. It is advisable to talk to the experts so that you can make an informed decision.

Take a Test Run of the POS

Before making the final decision and settling for a particular model, you should run a test on some of the systems that you are considering to use as POS system. A demo should allow you to see what to expect from your POS. Most vendors that provide POS will let the clients use the software for about 30 days, for free, as a trial period.

Irrespective of the type of POS you want to buy, these tips are quite effective, and you will be able to acquire the right one if you follow these tips.

You may have been running your businesses for a couple of years, and everything seems to be playing out perfectly. However, you can actually improve your business with a POS. If you are not sure if your business need a POS, then you should read on to find out more about these systems.

Unlike the manual cash register, the point sale systems are accurate and quite effective. You will not have very little work to do, but the results will be amazing. The main advantage with the software is the fact that all the transactions are recorded, and you can generate summary reports at any given time. You should install a POS terminal to enhance the running of the business. Here are some of the key reasons why the POS is necessary for your retail store.

Instant Access to Data

When you have installed and effective POS system, you will get instant access to all the data that pertains to your business. All the items of the inventory are available, and this will make it easier to retrieve any form of data. For accounting purposes, this is effective as you can easily trace any transaction.

You will be able to tell the details of each sale and the relevant discounts that are applied and coupons that are redeemed at any given time. If you have several stores, you will be able to tell, which products have been sold at a particular store, without too much difficulty. You can keep track of various trends, and this will make it easier to manage your customers.

Back Office Software

Due to the fact that all the data is available instantly using the POS, you will be able to monitor all the activities of the store, even, without being physically at the store. You will not get any unpleasant surprises since you can monitor your stock and the trend of the commodities. This allows you to restock in good time and give priority to the fast-moving products. At the end of it all, you can make use of the information gathered from the point of sale system to make decisions that will increase your sales and profit margins.

Prevent Possible Theft

One of the biggest challenges with the retail store is theft by employees as well as customers. With a POS system, you will be able to curb this menace and reduce this type of loss. Unlike the manual systems where you may not be able to trace who is stealing from you. The POS allows you to keep track of each persons activities, in the systems and as such, you will reduce the cases of theft.

A POS has so many benefits and is a necessity to any business. When you need to run campaigns and promotions, it is very easy to implement with a POS system. Irrespective of the size of your store, there is so much that you can achieve by installing an effective POS software.

There are still many companies that use filing cabinets, reminders through sticky notes and spreadsheets for managing their accounting functions. Some businesses may even manage fine with these tools. Their accounts appear to be reconciled; they disburse their checks in time and even manage to pay their vendors regularly.

However, can they manage when their CEO asks for a report on revenues generated from all their new customers since the beginning of the year? In that case, if you manage your accounting system manually and come across such issues, it is time to switch over to an ERP accounting software. Such software offers several advantages to the bookkeepers as well as the businesses.

However, though you are now convinced that your business needs an ERP accounting software, you could be unsure of your readiness. Check out the signs mentioned below to indicate that your business does need accounting software.

Unable to keep track of your customers

Do you often have to go through several shelves or drawers to find that crucial sheet of paper or the file where you stored the financial information of your customers, such as discounts, transaction history and credit limits? If that is the case with you, it is high time to purchase an ERP accounting solution, which will allow you to store all these data in a single location. You can even add custom fields to help you in tracking unique information about certain customers.

Difficulty in managing financial data of employees

As your business expands, it becomes tougher to manage the financial data of your employees. When you get ERP accounting software for your business, you will find it simpler to track deductions, paychecks, and taxes for all employees in your organization or for the team members of your client. When the financial data of your employees is in a single place, payroll can be much smoother. There are many applications where you just need to enter the number of hours worked and your software will do the rest. There is some accounting software that can even make direct deposits and print checks. Since this accounting software automatically calculates the deductions for the employees, tax time becomes easier too. Payments can be disbursed on the basis of information provided by them.

You are unable to track your inventory in an efficient manner

As you start selling more products, you need to find out a way to update and store your inventory data using a real-time system. There are several versatile ERP accounting software that come with built-in features for inventory management and updates your inventory automatically whenever a sale is logged.

Cloud-based POS systems are increasingly becoming popular as business owners are realizing its potential in improving business. The POS system Singapore have replaced manpower to take care of inventory management , streamline processes and store customer information. A good and efficient POS system can make time for business owners to focus on other important matters like customer service and company growth.

There are many pros to using a cloud-based POS. First, they can be accessed from anywhere. Second, their functions are more than just a cash register. And third, they generate huge amounts of sales, which mean they pay for themselves.

More than just a cash register

The new cloud-based POS is more than just a cash register. It is a sophisticated network of computerized processes that provided details sales report for every customer. It stores information, maintains follow-ups and analyzes the different ways in which sales can be improved. It also provides the right inventory management and calculates how much item is needed every week or every month. The inventory management systems in cloud-based POS systems help managers manage tangible items required for the business without unnecessary spending.

Accessible from any system

Once the sales get computerized, business owners can plug that system into any network and download results from all registers. The information can be consolidated and monitored in different ways. By integrating the system to all networks, managers can now access it from anywhere they want according to their convenience.

It pays for itself

There is an initial investment for installing the POS system but once installed, the system literally works on its own and pays itself. The amount of sales it generates is more than enough to pay for the installation costs. For big organizations, the cost of installing a POS system is negligible but the returns they get on the investment are multi-folds.


Retail business owners know how important it is to retain customers who will stay loyal to them. A good POS system takes a load off the chest and improves functionality and sales within the organization. The best part of cloud-based systems is that they can be accessed from anywhere and business owners can monitor the progress in whichever way they feel is right. The new POS systems have improved features and they provide a reliable and credible source of information, which owners can use to retain customers.

The latest trend in Property Management Systems (PMS) is the integration of third party technologies. Of these, the most popular technology is the restaurant POS system. A survey conducted in 2015 enlisted POS system as the most important service a restaurant must integrate into its management.

Like everything else, the evolution of the POS system has been marked by many milestones. It first started with manned cash registers and ended at POS terminals. There have been equal changes in hardware and software. Software changes have been more prominent considering the advancement of data analysis, reporting and pace of payment processing.

4 Reasons Why Restaurants Should Consider Upgrading their POS Solutions

1. Data security: The data traffic in a restaurant is high. A few are critical and carry sensitive information like payment details, personal details, sales chart etc. which cannot be disclosed. This requires a stronger data protection service. A breach in customer protection would be the leaking of personal contact number and address to marketing services outside the restaurant’s immediate interest. Improved data protection and security is offered by a POS upgrade.

2. Mobility: The growth of the business is calculated by its expansion. A restaurant may start off as a 15 seater but extend to multiple areas. A restaurant POS system specific for a limited space will be inefficient in adapting to a larger environment. Also, stationery POS services will fall short in handling the growing business demands. A POS system that offers greater mobility is preferable. mPOS systems, which are gained only through an upgrade, simplify payments, taking orders, and generating order tickets.

3. Feature update and improved service: All restaurant POS systems must be updated to essential features like payment track down, durable data analysis, e-wallet apps, handle debit and credit card transactions, CRM, inventory control, labor management and customer loyalty program.

An outdated POS system does not only slow the business down but introduces more complications. The time taken for ordering and subsequent delivery is stretched. Consolidating the end of the day report is also delayed. All these problems are overcome when the POS system is upgraded.

4. Feedback and complaints: If at any time the staff faces difficulties in handling the POS system or faces frequent glitches, upgrade or change the POS system.

No technology is meant to be immortal. With time, the latest technology from yesterday becomes obsolete. It is best to upgrade regularly instead of waiting for a complete shutdown.

The fast moving world and faster growing market requires some concept with content that is attractive and straight away answers the requirement of a customer need. It should not only concentrate on customers but also with the partners and prospects of the company ensuring a successful and healthy growth in the organization. Mainly for all those E-commerce organizations, holding a POS can make a huge and visible difference in making a better business than the earlier good one.

The strategy –

The immediate phase of interaction for any customer with an E-commerce company is the website itself. The reason is it works 24/7 without making an expensive budget list like paying the staff and paying for the shop rent. Many sales turn up every hour of the day without even anyone physically staying there and even after the shops in the city are closed already. The barriers of location and schedule might completely be erased for the customers. But, for the continuous revenue generation few strategies related to digital world need to be applied. They are –

* Targeted customers needs to find the website as a solution

* Make prospective changes to concentrate on organizations quirky selling point

* Developing right methodologies to make the products and services get engaged in every important role of the company

* Make necessary improvements for the SEO such that it can give better results

* Make the design of the website as user friendly

5 ways to enhance the business progress –

For cash registers have slowed down long time ago and slowly POS has almost replaced the system, integrating this POS with the brand new E-commerce website of any company can see magic in no time. Many companies do right things at right time and even in Singapore POS also many E-commerce websites have already merged to make a difference in the business. Check these ways to improve business.

* Money is being saved for many companies for there no longer require any labour to check the online orders and match with the stock. Everything is handles within POS at the loss of nothing and with few cleanups if any error in data entry.

* To withstand the competition using the technology and marketing the products helps getting faster into the customers. New sales can be made popular by optimising the search engine

* Any pricing changes and any sort of promotions will be updated immediately with Singapore POS system

* The data needs to be consistent and it should be improved to tackle all kinds of synchronizations to operate in a structured manner

* New avenues can be explored with developing the staff and their learning skills therefore resulting in customer satisfaction

Across the globe – Many countries across the globe got the familiarity with the self service kiosk or the most commonly referred interactive kiosk. It has served many purposes across the world in meeting a variety of demands from the customer. For example, in the country like UK, thousands of Kiosks are set up to help the job seekers find the right job for them with the help of Kiosks. Another example is of the United States of America which developed a kiosk at the immigration centre which helps the visitors to register themselves as they move to US and also to register while they leave.

What kind of industries? – Also many countries has the services for the Postal favour where all the HR related matters are made available for those employees who are disconnected from their jobs for a while will be getting all the updates related to their jobs, training that are helpful for their career and can monitor the benefits available to them and maintain finances at the comfort of the nearby self service kiosk without getting struck with the main HR department of a company. In India too, Kiosks are used from making bill payments to get a movie ticket. Recent surveys showed United States and Canada hold the top places in the place of Kiosks. Companies which use the kiosks are Wal-Mart, The Home Depot, Future Shop are to name a few.

Human adaption to the Kiosk – The evolving technology has presented the computerized feature which has all the software and hardware system with a user friendly processor that helps meet a demand of the customer at an ease is what required by every customer. So there are a variety of tasks an interactive kiosk can do if designed to meet the requirement and constructed with the necessary software and hardware. To name a few are the Movie ticket, restaurant and DVD vending are the types of kiosks which are gaining much popularity in recent time and in crowded areas. Also, the construction and design of a kiosk varies from the indoor ones to that of outdoors.

Types –

Movie ticket Kiosk – Almost all the multiplex theatres in many countries have these features of movie ticket kiosk enabling the user to purchase a ticket by swiping a credit or debit card and in other cases to pick up a ticket which is already purchased through online payment. These are often called as ticket machines.

Restaurant Kiosk – It is the new method followed by many chain of restaurants to make an order sitting in the cafe / restaurant / hotel at their own comfortable table and making orders from tablet. Cashier station is available such that it can decrease the wait time for customers.

While many businesses do recognize the criticalities of analytics and data, they fail to put the proper tools and processes in place. The failure to implement business intelligence system may be due to several factors such as lack of business ownership and governance, overdependence on conventional IT techniques and not possessing a favorable environment for proper collaboration and knowledge management.

Check out some of these best practices that you should follow for implementing a business intelligence system successfully.

Your business should have a strong presence of foundation

As far as the Business Intelligence or BI is concerned, there are two major parameters in it-governance of deploying the BI and data governance. Organizations must first understand what data are available internally and from external sources for gaining competitive advantages. They need to also appreciate what is the importance of that data with respect to decision making, developing fresh services and products, improving the business processes among others. Organizations also need to have proper clarity on how they should define the various data items and the external and internal rules applicable for capturing, storage and data processing. The governance for BI constitutes the processes and rules with respect to creating report, prioritization, usage and distribution of reports.

Use agile methods and target for delivering self-service

Even if your BI deployment is well-planned and best-supported, it may not give you the desired output if the selected methodology for development is not appropriate for the delivery of a Business Intelligence initiative. A sure shot mechanism to increase the success of a BI project is to make use of agile techniques wherever possible. The term agile means adopting a scientifically tested iterative approach with proper focus on classifying all the project elements into the tiniest possible chunks and ensuring that all these elements work in a collaborative manner. Frequent review of tangible project deliverables is a must too.

Involvement of all necessary stakeholders into a business intelligence deployment

There are some business intelligence projects that bomb at a very early stage. There are others that may reach the final stage of signoff and delivery when the management announces that they do mot fulfills their expectations. In most of the cases, the reason for such failure is due to inadequacy of involvement of the process owners or the top executives or may be from both parties. However, it is much more than simply having a set of defined requirements and a business sponsor for supporting the implementation. Implementing a BI system is also about having proper processes and relationships in place so that there is proper collaboration with the executives in a business.

Business intelligence is critical for a company to prosper. Ir may be a good idea to hire a service provider that can take care of your POS Singapore as well as BI requirements.