Advantages Of Access Control

‘Better safe than sorry’ – the old proverb goes. Despite this phrase being as old as time, it is most certainly relevant to this day. Access control systems provide peace of mind for those who are entrusted with sensitive information. As their job is to safeguard such information physical or virtually; which is prone to burglary and hacking. The use of access control systems poses many advantages for any level of security.

Investment in an access control system would prove to be very fruitful in due course of time. Access control has proven to be an asset to many individuals as well as companies. The advantages of access control are:-

1) In industries – control over the number of people who have access to hazardous parts of a facility help prevent accidents from occurring. Detection of misuse of hazardous elements can also help others from danger. Radioactive and inflammable products have to be used with utmost caution. When a person enters such a facility, his or her identification card provides their location in the facility. In the case of an evacuation due to exposure to radioactive substances, the person can be provided immediate medical assistance without endangering others.

2) Detection and prevention – attempts to gain access without authorization to restricted areas or infiltrate a premise or building can be detected by the access control system. The intrusion need not be someone from the outside always, sometimes employees and visitors may try to gain access to sensitive areas intentionally. There are scenarios of visitors losing their way in the facility. Facilities that deal with harmful gases or hazardous wastes would have a fixed number of people with access to such an area. For that reason, restricting the entry and exit of regular employees is important. Handling of such substances is done by wearing protective gear. Only those who have access to that area are provided with these gears.

3) Criminal activity – access control systems are crucial to investigate crimes. Arson, vandalism, burglary or even sexual harassment are such crimes that access control systems have helped punish the perpetrator by law . The recording of CCTV surveillance can be used in the Court of Law as evidence. It also curbs such crimes from happening as psychological intimidation causes the perpetrator to refrain from carrying out the crime due to the fear of getting caught.

RSPV now to see how these high-tech systems provide the security best suited for you. Caution is the parent of safety, so safety first.

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