Business Benefits from Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamic 365 Business Central by Microsoft is available in two different forms and plans, which have been designed as per the requirements of each business. Each has different features to offer to your businesses, for instance:

Dynamics 365 Business Central and Essentials: The application is in line with the Enterprise Resource Planning for businesses which offer services like:

  • Supply Chain Management
    • It includes basic receivables, sales order management, locations, basic warehousing, purchase order management and item transfer etc.
  • Project Management
    • It includes Time sheet, resources, jobs and estimates etc.
  • Human Resource Management
    • It includes expense management as well as employee’s management.
  • Financial Management
    • It includes audit trails, general ledger, budgets, workflows, bank management and deferrals.
  • Warehouse Management
    • It includes extended text, scheduled tasks, multiple language, Outlook integration and reporting.
  • Customer Relationship Management
    • It includes campaigns, contacts and opportunity management with the help of in-built business integration model of Dynamic 365 designed for Sales.

Dynamics 365 Business Central for Premium users: This model is best fit for smooth operations and working of services management and manufacturing departments, providing end to end single service. Its key features are:

  • Manufacturing: It includes demand forecasting, version management, capacity planning, production orders, basic supply planning, finite loading as well as machine centres.
  • Everything that is included in the Essential plus feature
  • Service Management: It includes service price management, service contract management, service orders, service item management, dispatching and planning.

Something about Business Dynamic Square

Dynamic square is widely available across the globe and readily available in Singapore. It is a preferred choice by Microsoft Business Dynamic and has partnered with number of companies in Singapore. The mechanism is able to improve the overall performance of the business processes. So the question comes, for businesses in Singapore, why Dynamic Square is so important these days, it is due to following reasons:

  • People working with dynamic square are equipped with latest and advanced technology, which helps businesses to grow and help them in becoming a part of business success.
  • The knowledge pattern of staff is strategic driven and result oriented. They are experts who have vast knowledge of their subject areas and provide business solutions to meet customized needs to every business.

CRM Platforms Vs ERP Solutions: Choosing the right one for your Businesses

There are two available options from Microsoft Dynamics to choose from. It solely depends upon customized requirements of the businesses as which model to select.

  • Choose CRM, if you are customer oriented
    • Today, businesses are running too fast and people want quick responses to their queries and issues. With the help of 365 Microsoft Dynamics, companies can differentiate their brands and provide personalized solutions to the underlying problems.
  • Choose CRM, if your business is Sales Oriented
    • To better understand needs of the client and engage effectively, get CRM for enhancing sales.
  • Choose CRM for getting Field Services
    • If you intend to automate your sales force, get hold of intelligence sales service system, which can highlight problems and find solutions before they arise.
  • Choose ERP if you need better finances and operations
    • If your company intends to empower people and help them in decision making, ERP is one of the available options. It not only helps in enhancing business growth; it also helps in catering to the changing demands of the businesses.