3 Points to Remember While Choosing CCTV for Your Business

Once you’ve decided that your business in Singapore needs CCTV surveillance and the iris recognition system , you need to consider certain points to ensure you are able to effectively use them. Though the costs have significantly gone down, they still pinch the pocket so putting them up with the latest technology may turn out to be counterproductive. They may not only cost you a lot of money, a lot of the features may not get used leading to unnecessary occupation of your space. Besides if they are not placed in the right spots they may not serve the purpose. Make sure you speak to your CCTV and video analytics solutions provider and take their advice.

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Main points to consider:

1. Why do you want them?

This is the obvious first question which will help you choose the right CCTV and software. Is it just to keep an eye or to note the minute details of all those who come and go and details of vehicles that enter and exit your area? You could also use it to count the footfall, the gender of the people, etc. Whatever your purpose the video analytics software can be used to serve it.

2. Where do you want the cameras to be?

Based on the above point, you would think about where you want to place them. Are they mostly to be placed indoors or outdoors? Whether indoors or outdoors what are they supposed to capture? This will determine the number of cameras that need to be installed.

3. What kind do you want them to be?

Is there adequate lighting in the area where you want the cameras or do you need superior quality CCTV in certain areas to capture events despite less lighting? This will help to identify your cost and you may not require same type of cameras in all locations. If you prefer your CCTV in certain areas at least, have audio recording facilities that could be arranged too. There are CCTVs which are just for live viewing and some can be recorded for post event viewing. The latter will take up adequate storage space so think carefully on the location and the purpose it is to serve before choosing the type.

These points will help you identify what software you may require, and how many CCTVs you’d need each location. You can have a mix of services depending on the amount of security you need. Your CCTV and video analytics solutions provider in Singapore will be able to guide you the best and therefore and ensure you choose a provider carefully.

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