Choosing the right Customer Relationship Management App for your small business

There are many CRM apps available for small businesses which are free to use. Thus, it is advisable to check for available free options and after determining which option is best for your business, one can go for the registered version of that app.

If you are an owner of a small business in Singapore and wondering which CRM app to use, here are some with a focus on increasing sales: If your aim is to increase sales, then you can consider the following apps:

  • Smartsheet Sales App: If your business is small and all your clients can be managed with the help of spreadsheet, then a smartsheet app can work for you. It is collaborative as well as interactive. It also has Gantt charts as one of its features so presentation and sales patterns can be studied.
  • Sugar CRM App: It is considered an open source app, which has been created to allow maximum customization and adaptation. It also comes with a community edition feature.

There are some other apps with a focus on collaboration. Some available options are:

  • Kickapps: An app that works in collaboration with social media and CRM. They are graph engines for social media. It identifies the online personality of any person and his/her relationship with other people and contacts. With the help of acquired data, sales and marketing functions will work. With the help of this app, websites as well as community pages can be built.
  • Rapportive: This app is best suited for google and gmail users. When an inbox is opened on Gmail, the right panel shows all information pertaining to the person while reading his/her messages. Having Rapportive links shown from other sites like Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter are also possible. The other sites allow the user to have complete detail of with whom he/she is talking.


Modern business dimensions are changing, the adoption of CRM apps gives businesses an edge in the changing ecosystem. With good CRM practices in place, it is possible to keep links and contacts between different partners, fans, consumers, members and donors for both internal as well as external parties and other marketing related processes.