Pricing and Licensing of Microsoft Dynamics Navision

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is sold through certified partners. This has made this software accessible to companies that are interested in streamlining the different functions of business management. The seller will train you on how you can customize this ERP solution to meet your company needs:

Licensing Options of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

You can license Microsoft Dynamics NAV in four different ways.

Starter Pack

The Starter Pack has core functionalities within the finance and distribution chain. When you get the Starter Pack, you will be able to have control of your finances, adequately manage the sale of your products, and monitor the progress of your business. It is, however, important to note that the licenses of Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server, and Microsoft SQL Server are not included in this kit. If you need the support of these additional software solutions, you will need to license them separately.

Extended Pack

As the name suggests, this license option gives you more functionalities than what you get in the Starter Pack. This feature allows you to integrate the financial and distribution features with components that are specific to your industry. The additional features include production, warehousing, basic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Professional Services. These features will guide you to better manage your business, from the production of goods to the quality of service offered to clients.

If you already have a Starter Pack, all you need to do is license the Extended Pack. The system is already preconditioned to accept the purchase of the Extended Pack. The current and future users of your system will automatically have access to the features available in the Extended Pack.

Full User

When you license as a “Full User”, you will have unlimited read and write access to all the functions of the ERP system.

Limited User

This license gives you unlimited reading rights. However, you will have limited write access. This is a cheaper option if you have users who only require limited privileges. This way, they can perform specific functions without accessing the entire system.

How Much Does Microsoft Dynamics NAV cost?

Before licensing Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you need to evaluate your company’s needs. The price of this ERP solution is determined by the functionalities you choose, the type of accessibility given to users, the support you require during implementation, and how you install it. For example, if you have more limited users, you will spend less than a company that has many full-time users.

How you choose to host this solution has the most considerable influence on how much you’ll pay. Do you prefer having it in the cloud, or do you want it on your company servers? If it is in the cloud, you will pay more because of the advantages you gain from using the cloud, including the security of data.

Updates of Microsoft Dynamics NAV are released frequently. Newer versions come with improvements linked to the management of documents, finances, business insights, user interface, cloud connectivity, and linkages with other Microsoft applications. Licensing the latest versions ensures your company benefits from solutions that were not included in the previous Microsoft Navision.