Singapore is an established IT hub. Global players continue to base significant operations out

of Singapore. Twitter opened its headquarters here this year. Next year is expected to see

Netflix open its regional hub in the country. Other MNCs like Microsoft, Oracle and Amazon

have already made Singapore their regional hub. It is the base for more than 80 of the top 100

software and services companies. Among the many reasons for this success in IT, one is that

operating costs are lower compared to western economies, with a cheap and highly-skilled

workforce sourced from countries like Philippines. Singapore today ranks as the second most

network ready country in the world and the first in Asia, according to the World Economic

Forum’s “Global Information Technology Report 2013”.

A recent initiative by the Singapore Government – Smart Nation, envisions harnessing

technology to improve the life of its citizens and create more opportunities for business. It

will empower people to seek more information and be in touch with the Government and

businesses alike, for improving their quality of life. Singapore is also encouraging firms to

adopt cloud computing, with the market expected to touch US$ 1 billion by 2017. The

Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has said that during this current global downtrend,

domestic firms in information technology and infrastructure will be key growth drivers. The

following are some of the sectors that the IT industry is touching and facilitating:

* Education

* Healthcare

* Manufacturing

* Tourism and hospitality

* Finance

the assistance of the top tier IT infrastructure services in Singapore : With the

IT industry expected to be one of the leading growth drivers of the economy, and the

government’s emphasis on the Smart Nation Programme, opportunities abound for firms in

the following areas:

* Big data

* Cloud computing

* Cyber security

* Internet of things

* ICT and sustainability

* Communications of the future

* Social media

* New digital economy

* User interface

The business environment is highly competitive. Apart from domestic companies,

competition flows in mainly from regional rivals, such as Japan in mobile services, Korea in

multimedia and broadband services and Hong Kong in broadcasting and media services.

Factors contributing to Singapore’s strong IT performance are:

* Strong IPR regime

* Good physical and trade connectivity

* Easy access to global talent

As Asia becomes the next driver of demand and innovations, Singapore, with its strategic

location and cosmopolitan environment, is well placed to help businesses all over the world

service their Asian clients in the best possible manner.